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Finding God In The Laundry Room

It may sound a bit odd to tell someone that they can “find God in the laundry room”; however, I can attest that it is indeed possible.

As a busy mother of three, who is often roused from a deep sleep by my youngest child, Meghan (often before 5 a.m.!) it is rather difficult to find a quiet moment or two before the rest of the family wakes to say even a brief morning prayer. Forget having a regular block of time set aside for prayer, devotions or meditation. This just isn’t happening in my house! Most days, I “hit the ground running” and am lucky if I even remember to lift my mind and heart to God following my early morning “Meghan Wake-Up Call”.

Now I don’t know about you, but the first place I go once I have my cup of coffee in hand is down to the basement to my laundry room to forage for clean clothing for my family.  In the morning, it is one place that I can go to get some peace and quiet before the craziness of the day begins.

I have said many prayers in my laundry room.  Sometimes I look at each individual piece of clothing and thank God for the person that wears it.  My husband’s tshirts, my 14 year old son’s jeans, my 10 year daughter’s pajamas, my 5 year old daughter’s favorite pink shirt, etc.  How blessed I am to have this family to care for and love! A little gratitude goes a long way at the start of the day.

I may not always have time to walk into a church or even kneel down beside my bed; however, I can pray wherever I happen to be no matter what I am doing at any given moment.  Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta said that “our work is a prayer”. Don’t forget that even the most menial task can be turned into an opportunity to become an offering to our Creator.

Have you said a prayer lately? When and where do you pray?


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  1. I pray in the car, at church, on and off all day! I try to keep Jesus’ presence close to me as He is with us always!

    I enjoyed your post very much!

  2. What a great post, I think I may need more “God” time in my laundry room! Joking aside…I don’t often go to church but I consider myself a spiritual person and a Christian. I think that when I am in the car by myself is the time that I spend mostly reflecting and centering myself which then leads me to god. I also find comfort and feel at peace when I am out in nature whether it’s hiking in the mountains for sitting by the ocean. As far as daily, it’s in the shower because seriously that is the only place in my home where I can be alone…and that is only sometimes!

  3. this is too funny – I also feel like I live in my laundry room. I have often said a prayer while doing the laundry. Another peaceful place I used to find time to pray was the tractor while cutting the grass. Outside under the sky it is so peaceful, yes, it is. The noise from the tractor blocks out everything. It was two hours of uninterrupted time with God. Due to pretty extensive spinal surgery almost 3 years ago, I can longer ride the tractor. But with 4 kids, I’m always driving somewhere and waiting in the car for someone – so that has now become my tractor. Seems like people think they need to be in a church – but God will hear you no matter where you are. For those moms out there who have children in the public school, google Moms In Touch. There is probably a group representing your school and you may not even be aware. I wasn’t. Moms In Touch moms meet at someones house to pray for the children in their school. It is one hour of moms praying for their kids and all the students and staff and their local school. Thanks Mrs. Kelly for your words of wisdom!!

  4. I have a prayer chair in the living room that looks out over a beautiful part of our property. However, I must admit it isn’t used as much as I would like. I find myself praying in odd places when the moment is right and inspiration hits. When I’m alone with my thoughts, whether it’s driving somewhere or working on the farm, the prayers come. I’d love to make adoration more often. The peace and quiet is so relaxing and restorative. Just sitting with the Lord – listening rather than talking. Answers come. Blessings become more evident. Thanks, Jeanine, for reminding us that prayers don’t have to be formal, said only at certain times in a certain way. I’ve done some praying in my little laundry area too!

  5. It’s exciting to see how others are feeling so in touch with our Lord. Tracy, thanks for the info on Moms In Touch, aka Moms In Prayer, what a great resource! I also am not a faithful church goer but I am a very spiritual person. I see and feel God and His Love everywhere. Whether it’s my brightest day or darkest night I know He is there to comfort and support me; He is definitely my go to guy! I also find myself praying consistently throughout the day. In my car is also a favorite place of prayer. I find a certain calmness in praying for other less patient drivers. I also enjoy giving silent blessings to people I don’t even know who I happen to see. You never know when your little prayer for them is just what they need. I feel that a truly heart felt prayer is the best gift you can offer someone. Just because we can’t always
    see God’s angels doesn’t mean they’re not there providing the healing, love, protection and the answers that we need. He truly looks after us all in ways we can’t even imagine. One of my greatest wishes is for all of mankind to know the inner peace, tranquility and love that comes with an intimate relationship with our Lord. Thanks for the great post Jeanine. Peace and Blessing to all!


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